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Projector 14000Lms 4K 1080P HD LED Mini WiFi Bluetooth Video Home Theater Cinema

Projector 14000Lms 4K 1080P HD LED Mini WiFi Bluetooth Video Home Theater Cinema

Projector 14000Lms 4K 1080P HD LED Mini WiFi Bluetooth Video Home Theater Cinema    Projector 14000Lms 4K 1080P HD LED Mini WiFi Bluetooth Video Home Theater Cinema

XGODY SAIL1 Native 1080P Android TV 11.0 OS Smart Projector. Built-in Android TV 11.0 Operating System? The XGODY Sail1 is a real smart projector that comes with a built-in Android TV 11.0 operating system.

You can download and install your favorite apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube from the Google Play Store. You can also use it as a KD5 TV Stick all-in-one machine, with only one remote control needed to complete all operations. Native 1080P Full HD Resolution and 4K Support? The XGODY Sail1 is a native 1080P full HD projector with a 1920 x 1080P resolution and 15000:1 high contrast ratio. The 50%-100% zoom function and 4D ± 50°keystone correction function keep the image clear, horizontal and vertical.

With 4K support, you can enjoy ultra-detailed presentations without the need for additional media players. 5G WIFI and Two-Way Bluetooth? The XGODY Sail1 comes with dual-band WiFi, so you can enjoy lag-free online video streaming and faster WiFi mirroring/casting experience for your smartphone. With Airplay/Miracast function, you can share video content or play games with your family and friends. Additionally, Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to use the projector as a Bluetooth receiver or connect it to external speakers for a better sound experience.

Fully Enclosed Optical Engine and Cooling System Upgrade? The XGODY Sail1 is dust-proof and adopts a fully sealed optical engine that ensures dust never enters the back of the lens.

This fully protects the optical components, such as the chips and LCD screens, and extends the service life of the projector. The upgraded noise reduction technology controls fan noise below 35 dB, ensuring a high-performance projector operation while providing a quiet movie night. Carrying Case and 2 Years After-Sales Service?

The XGODY Sail1 comes with a free compact carrying case to safely carry the projector and accessories, including an IR remote, HDMI cable, and power cable. In summary, the XGODY Sail1 is a smart home theater projector that is perfect for movie lovers. With its built-in Android TV 11.0 operating system, native 1080P full HD resolution, and 4K support, you can enjoy ultra-detailed presentations without the need for additional media players.

Its dual-band WiFi and two-way Bluetooth allow you to share video content and play games with your family and friends. The fully enclosed optical engine and cooling system upgrade ensure a high-performance projector operation while providing a quiet movie night. And with a carrying case and 2 years of after-sales service, you can enjoy this fantastic device worry-free. Endless Content with Android TV 11.0. Native 1080P and 4K Support Decording. 700 ANSI Lumen Outstanding Brightness. Picture quality up to 300 inches. 5G +2.4G Dual Band WiFi. 4D Keystone Correction + Rotation. Why choose a smart projector embedded with Android TV 11.0 OS? Enjoy massive genuine applications from the Google Play store, log in to your Google account, and you can download or update your favorite apps, such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and more than 7,000 other apps. You can explore endless entertainment on the Sail1 projector.

More convenient voice search to reach content. With built-in Google Voice Assistant, just simply press the "Google Assistant" button on the remote control, your voice is your remote control.

Chromecast is highly compatible with different smartphone operating systems, especially Android Devices that are natively integrated. You can cast your favorite videos from your smart phine, tablet or laptop to the projector. Other basic projectors that need to be connected to a TV stick can only operate the Android OS with additional remote. The XGODY Sail 1 smart projector, which is perfectly adapted to the KD5 TV stick, has a 22-button remote control, which can complete all the settings of the projector and Android OS. What supports the excellent picture quality of the XGODY SAIL1 Full HD Projector? Native 1080P Real Color Image Quality. 4.5-inch native 1080P LCD screen, innovative use of high color gamut composite enhanced film, color reproduction increased by 40%. It provides over 95% color gamut and 15000:1 contrast ratio. This makes SAIL 1 HD projector can project clear, Stable and vivid images.

High-quality optical path components such as LED bulb light sources and pure glass high-transmittance lenses, combined with the latest ultra-low light loss LCD optical path design, provide ultra-high brightness of 700ANSI Lumen. High Efficiency Decoding & 4K Support. The smart Amlogic S805X2 chip is dedicated to Full HD Android streaming devices. Allows native decoding of H. 265, VP9 video with the support for higher HDR standard (HDR10+), in addition, it supports Full HD AV1 decoding, required by Google, as well as supported by top streaming services, such as Netflix.

How is XGODY Sail 1 viewing experience? With 4.5inch Native 1080P LCD screen and 700ANSI Lumen light source, XGODY Sail 1 Full HD Home theater projector supports projection up to 300 inches. NOTE: For best viewing at large projection sizes, we recommend using with a screen (Not included). When the projector is moving with the distance changes, the picture will be blur, please try to adjust the focus until the image to be clearer and sharper.

Compared with the focus wheel on the side of the lens, the focus knob on the side of projector is easier to operate. Clear images can be obtained more quickly and easily. Portable projector with 4D keystone function, 100-50% zoom function and rotation function. The non-front projection screen can be easily adjusted to the correct viewing angle by using the remote control. Unrestricted by the venue, projection angle, and installation method, you can place your projector more freely.

Wireless Conection & Wireless Conection. Dual Band Wifi Wireless Connection. XGODY Sail 1 wifi projector supports 2.4G/5G dual band WiFi connection. 2.4G WiFi has stable and wide coverage, and 5G WiFi transmits data faster and more efficiently.

Meets the needs of different devices and provides a better wifi network environment which have less interference, stable network speed, can carry more data and support higher speed. Multi-interface Compatibility of Wired Connection.

It embeds with HDMI/USB/TF card/audio port, can easily connect to laptop/game/tablet/ps4. Multiple connection methods give you more options when you need a more stable wired connection or don't have a wireless network. How to mirror to Android and iOS devices?

For both iOS and Android devices, you can download and install an app that can mirror the screen from the Google Play store, and it is recommended to use the pre-installed Airscreen app. Open the app and follow the instructions to mirror images to your iPhone / iPad / Macbook and other iOS devices. (For more operations, please refer to the video content). For Android devices, please find the cast function on your Android smartphone and turn it on (Usually in the drop-down box on the home page). As output for the projector, the bluetooth is for connecting to various Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth speaker and headset. When using a port connection, please remember to select the corresponding port connection method in the settings. The XGODY Sail 1 also pays the same attention to quality details on the internal parts. Noise Reduction Design & Strong Heat Dissipation. XGODY Sail 1 home theater projector not only has a brightness of 700 ANSI lumens, but also has a matching heat dissipation design. The powerful cooling fan is designed to reduce the noise to less than 35dB, bringing you a quiet movie watching experience. Built-in 5W HiFi Sound Speaker. No need for an external speaker, this smart projector built-in Hi-Fi speaker which can restore every sound detail to offer you delicate, real sound effects, bringing you an immersive viewing experience. Dust-proof Design Prolong Service Life. XGODY Android TV projector adopts dust-proof design optical engine, which prevents dust from entering the chip, color wheel and other optical components.

Avoid common projector problems such as speckle and color degradation caused by dust buildup. Note: The detachable dust filter needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the dust-proof effect inside and prolong the life of the optical engine. Various aspect ratio adjustment modes allow you to freely adjust the screen size and projection distance. The flexible projection method allows you to freely choose the installation method, Whether it is placed on the table, wall mount or ceiling mounted.

Reserve the mounting holes for the ceiling bracket and the universal port for the tripod. Comes with a height-adjusting screw to provide a certain upward tilt angle when placed on a desktop. If the remote control cannot be used, please pair it via bluetooth first. For detailed steps, please refer to the video. It is recommended to watch in a relatively dark environment for the best viewing experience. For the best clear image, adjust the focu knob slowly for the best image. Excessive keystone correction may affect projection clarity. (If it is still blurry, please make the projector lens completely vertical to the screen, and the horizontal tilt angle should not exceed ±15°). Our shop based on the professional home essentials and garden tools store.

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Projector 14000Lms 4K 1080P HD LED Mini WiFi Bluetooth Video Home Theater Cinema    Projector 14000Lms 4K 1080P HD LED Mini WiFi Bluetooth Video Home Theater Cinema